Kate Spencer is an intuitive coach, number one selling inspirational author, entrepreneur and conscious business builder.

She works with people worldwide to create amazing positive transformation, through her programs, books and teachings.

Her style is a mix of psychology, laser sharp intuition, spiritual guidance, law of attraction coaching, healing and consciousness expansion – with a great big dollop of real life thrown in. This is the lady in the trenches, with her halo coked to one side and her sleeves rolled up, helping you to find a way through your life when the shiz hits the fan.

She’s the one you want on side when you feel like the hole in your heart will never heal, and you are sick and tired of dragging your history around with you.

This is the girl that will give you the tough love that you need to move forwards, and become the version of you that you know is still there.

Kate is the one that can help you gain insights and make incredible progress with finances, relationships, career, family, spirituality and life in general.

She gets it, because she’s had to turn her life around as well (and she’s learned some stuff that can help you too).

Her work is about being the best version of you that you can be, because you are worthy of having a life you love.

Beautiful words from my community

Kate Spencer & her books are a breath of fresh air!

Dawn Jastrem

Since reading Twelve Lessons by Kate & using my journal, my life has just become so much better. Everybody should have them in their lives!!

Donna Evans-Goodege

Kate is an amazing healer and her weekly healing sessions in her club have set me on my path of self discovery.

Tanuka Gupta

I joined Kate’s club in August 2015 after reading twelve lessons which made me question my self, made me think, it inspired me and gave me an excitement in my belly.

Being in this group gives you a confidence, a safe haven to be you. I have found everyone to be accepting, like minded, genuine, helpful & funny. Being in this group, but I like to call them my soul family. It has helped me on my spiritual path. I had the pleasure of meeting our lovely Kate on the November retreat who for me, is genuine, open, friendly, helpful, inspiring, great teacher and very funny! , this was an amazing experience and if ever there is another one, I would highly recommend you go, I made life long friends. Being In this group has changed my life and I love that.

Carlette Dobson

I met Kate towards the start of my journey of enlightenment, which was around the same time that Kate created her community. There are so many like minded souls here, with love and support in abundance.

Matthew Reeves Hairs

Kate Spencer and this wonderful group brought me out of my darkness and taught me a new way to see life, situations, and people with new eyes.

Paula Allec

Kate , her books, groups and programs have kept me sane and smiling though my ups and downs over the last 2 years. Wouldn’t be without her!

Beth Derrett

One of Kate Spencer’s programs was my birthday present to myself almost 3 years ago now – it turned my life around and gave me ways to cope with very difficult circumstances. They say when the time is right the teacher appears and Kate certainly did. Forever grateful


Kate is the most genuine, caring lady and her books are a must read! Her community gives us such guidance every day by her showing us her daily challenges and how she deals with them.

Sharon Meenagh

Because I knew in my heart that Kate could be trusted, I gave myself the gift of becoming part of her teaching by joining her tribe. Since this time I have learned about how to take better care of myself both physically, and most importantly Spiritually!! Our weekly meditations have empowered me to stay on track as far as basically being a better, kinder, introspective human that knows I am a spiritual being living a human life.

My soul has healed leaps and bounds and I am so grateful for Kate, and her way of walking with us all along our paths. She has blessed my life!!

Nancy Melton-Morales

I found in Kate and the group something I didn’t even know I was looking for – a spiritual home. They’ve helped me in more ways that I can recount and have become Family.

Claire McLaren

I love the Kate Spencer’s community.

It is a place that I feel safe to be me and share my thoughts and experiences without being judged or ridiculed. The writings, lessons and learnings are down to earth, real and authentic; not filled with unattainable ideals or lessons that only the most spiritual person can achieve. Just everyday, real wisdom.

Beth Beglin

Read the book, change your life, then come on down and join our tribe

Dot Elliot

I joined Kate’s online community in December 2012 as I had been looking for somewhere that I could explore all spiritual matters in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. I have never looked back since I joined the group. Kate does really powerful energy re-patterning and healing sessions each week. The group has fantastic modules that cover things like:- space clearing, intuition, chakras, grounding and protection techniques and a host of other really interesting topics. It’s learning all about how to live a conscious life in real life. The group is so supportive and I’ve made some truly wonderful friends in there. The courses Kate runs are absolutely amazing!! All the courses have really powerful mind programming meditations which I use in my daily life all the time. We have even had two amazing weekend Retreats.

To sum it up I would say that joining the Kate’s tribe has changed my life 100% for the better and I love being part of it.

Trudy Brookes

Being part of Kate’s group has been an amazing, uplifting and life changing experience

Maria Jordan

Working with the lovely Kate has without doubt changed my life, the way I approach every day and deal with challenging situations, I feel stronger, more connected and am kinder to myself. I would recommend connecting with Kate at whatever stage of your journey you are at, you certainly won’t regret it

Clare C

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