The Life & Soul Academy

You have found your tribe!  

The Life & Soul Academy is a collective of fantastic individuals who are navigating their way through a soulful and spiritual life in real life. Monthly modules to help develop your conscious life, coupled with regular energy sessions and a tribe of people who “get” you, it’s the perfect sanctuary for you to hangout & grow.

It’s the perfect place to continue your spiritual and soulful develop & connect with other likeminded souls! 

If you’re waiting for a sign then this is it! 

Work With Me As A VIP

Do you need MORE help & support?  Feeling a little bit stuck and would like to tap into my expertise to help you to develop your life or business? 

I don’t want you to struggle any more.  Check out how you can work with ME, just YOU & I to get to the bottom of what’s going on in your world and helping you to develop your dream life. 

Is it time for you to grow beyond your current boundaries, harness your intuition, spirit & soul and get things moving in a positive direction?  With a little help in emptying your shit cart and super charging your woo woo then coaching with me can see you make big changes in your world! 


Mini Masterclasses, straight talk and strategy – no filler.
You get a How to Video, Worksheet and a (kick ass) Mind Programming Meditation.
Three things to help you nail this, because if you are here then it’s probably time.

Choose From;

Get Out Of Debt & Get In The Flow 
Heal Your Wounded Soul 
Build Your Business With The Law of Attraction
Recover From A Toxic Relationship 
Cord Cutting & Recovery From A Psychic Attack
Law of Attraction 101 
Jump in and grab what you need, when you need it and start to find solutions to the shiz that’s going on in your world right now. 


Kate‘s Twelve Lessons books have touched and changed lives all over the world and landed the number one spot in the Amazon chart for metaphysical and visionary fiction.
They combine hilarious fiction with universal laws in a gritty and contemporary way that all women can relate to, with a side order of sexy!
Situations that will make you cringe, because you’ll see an aspect of yourself.
Heart wrenching moments when life is monumentally unfair.
Laugh out loud calamities.
And a whole lot of feel good – as the strength of an incredible woman stares destiny in the face and rolls the dice one more time, and this is the time that could change everything.
Can a book really change your life?

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