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If You’re Stuck Then It’s Time To Access Some Help! 

Personal Consultations

If you’re stuck with a particular challenge, pattern or situation then this could be the perfect one off session for you.
Combining psychology, energy re-patterning, insights and guidance Kate can help to to better understand what is going on and how to change it.
Taking a wider view of all of the influences and then zoning in on the root cause, Kate can support positive transformation in many areas of your life.
Relationship issues, financial flow, family tension, lifting bad luck, healing the wounds of the past and helping you to move forwards.
These sessions involve a half hour phone or skype consultation, intuitive reading of the situation, energy work and limited email support.

Coach With Kate 

Plodding just isn’t your style.
You’ve made so much progress on your own, but you need a leg up to get to where you want to be.
You want to find a way to overcome self sabotage, get over your past and create the awesome life that you know is waiting.
And you want it as soon as possible.
You know you are worthy of living in The Flow in your relationships, income, career, family and wellbeing, you’ve felt it sometimes and that’s made you want more.
The One to One Transformation Process
  • Is your history holding you hostage?
  • Is your fear keeping you stuck?
  • Are your dreams sailing off into the distance?
You are in the right place.
I have sent out a strong intention that I want to connect with people that need my help, support, guidance and insight – and here you are.
Whatever you need to change –  money, relationships, family, work or anything in between – it’s all energy, it’s all life and it’s all possible.
You need to close the gap on the life you have, and the life you could have.
But you don’t just need a coach.
You need a coach that can support you with their ability to shift energy, change patterns and help you to manifest the life you want.
Someone that can help you to finally dump the old sabotaging patterns and fears.
A person who can work behind the scenes and give you incredible insights into situations and people.
And you’ve found them.
I can be your partner on the journey of transformation and help you navigate the road back to your best self.
Because when you change, everything does.
Love Kate x
One to one work requires a minimum 3 month commitment from clients.
After this term the commitment can be renewed if this is agreeable and beneficial to both parties.
One to one clients receive an initial 6 card reading and an energy reading (emailed), as well as a remote house clearing.
1 x coaching call per week lasting approximately 50 minutes, usually using an internet phone service like viber or facebook messenger.
Weekly associated energy work based on what comes up in coaching calls and what Kate thinks is most beneficial.
SOS messages, email support and on the spot energy work as needed and within reason (fair use policy, no more than twice a week).
Prospective clients are encouraged to book a chemistry call (approx 15 minutes), giving themselves and Kate an opportunity to connect and see whether working together may be a good fit for both you and her.
Prices start at £3,500 per month with a minimum 3 month tie in.
Kate only coaches a handful of people at any given time, allowing her to give each client the input they need in a bespoke way.
In exceptional circumstances agreements can be reviewed and we always operate from a place of integrity and fairness.

Conscious Business Consultation 

Kate works with business owners and entrepreneurs that want to create prosperity but not compromise their integrity.
Conscious business builders that are following their calling and want to grow prosperity for themselves and others.
She helps business owners with her intuitive guidance, and energy awareness of situations, opportunities and people.
Kate can help you to understand the different influences that may be coming up to sabotage you and your business, and work to help you to align with your calling and overcome these.
Manifesting business brilliance is a skill of hers, Kate‘s business is global and attracts income through several different leveraged streams and she has a platform that many would envy.
If you think that business would benefit from you having Kate as your coach then please request a chemistry call to discuss.
(Please note that due to time constraints and integrity Kate will only coach clients that she feels she can help and has a connection with.)
Prices and arrangements are available on application. 

Join The Wait List & Find Out More About Working With Kate 1-2-1 

Join The Wait List

Kate only coaches a handful of one to one clients at any given time.
This is important in order to give best value and attention to clients, and to ensure that Kate’s work life balance and energy are protected.
If a clarity call is unavailable at the time you want to explore a coaching package, we would encourage you to join the one to one waiting list below.
We will respond as soon as possible with information and dates on potential places opening up, and places will be offered in application order.
Sometimes these places can become available quickly if a clients circumstances change, and you will be kept fully informed.

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